Ones Without Zeros

Exciting new project coming soon for 2020. My techno drama modern opera all about what it is to be human in 2050.

How will we cope with the ability to create and shape our own destiny and will the consequences of our actions lead to the demise of our very existence.

From Wexford Arts Centre, a little snapshot of my work in progress. “Ones Without Zeros” as part of a themed AI night. It also featured live performance artists, Francis Fay and Deirdre Buggy. Singers Martin McCann and Maria Hughes. The night was entitled “Your Self Made Superhuman”Curated by Katherine Atkinson

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Just updated my Music Store, so please check it out. Couple of new releases coming soon, as well as some bigger projects later in the year. You can check out downloads direct from iTunes

A Night by the Ocean


Crimson Gown

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All tracks are available from iTunes here. You can also go to my Music Store for other tracks and to order physical copies direct from my website.


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