Simon Quigley is a composer, arranger and pianist born in Dublin. He released “Crimson Gown” a single with singer song writers Miriam Ingram and Fiach Moriarty in 2017.

He performed at National Concert Hall in April 2016 with his ensemble and Skerries Soundwaves 2017 Festival. Has composed a soundtrack for the recently released short film “Davy Jones Locker” by writer Dan Finn. 

He has recently shown a work in progress, “Ones without Zeros” a modern Opera piece with in collaboration with filmmaker Christian O’Brien.

Having worked with successful solo artists, he was a member of Dublin indie rock group Sack. As a result he works in different musical forms and performs with many distinctive artists.

Your Self Made Super Human

“Your self made super human” is an evening based around AI (Artificial Intelligence) featuring a work in progress techno drama / modern opera called Ones Without Zeros. Its is a collaboration with TV Director Chris O’Brien. A very modern opera, “Ones Without Zeros” is a work in progress, that looks at Transhumanism and questions the whole idea of how technology will force us to adapt to a different existence.

How deep learning will create intelligent machines, more intelligent than we are and how that will shape our future. The show features soprano Maria Hughes and Tenor Martin McCann. It also features two live performance artists. This is set for 18th of October 2019 in The Wexford Arts Centre


These performers include, Camille O’Sullivan, Miriam Ingram and Edwyn Collins. As a recording artist he has recorded with Dave CouseFiach Moriarty , Sack and Brian Brody. His solo work include, operatic piece “Ryan v The White Star Line“, with soprano Clare Kavanagh and singer songwriter Martin McCann.

As Pianist and Keyboard player, he played on two Dave Couse solo albums. Edwyn Collins produced the first solo record titled, “Genes”The second release, “The World Should Know”, saw Couse nominated for best Irish Solo Artist and for best Irish Album, in the Choice Music awards.

Composing music for TV and documentary series, for Irish broadcaster RTÉ. His musical influences range from Rufus Wainwright, Kraftwerk, to Steve Reich, John Grant, Nico Muhly and Philip Glass.

Solo Work

Simon Quigley poster 9In 2011 he released his first solo EP ‘Ireland Is’. This involved the poet Colm Keegan and singer songwriter Mark Cullen. Apart from developing, writing and producing, he released a solo EP called ‘The Human Tide’ in 2016.

He showcased this in the National Concert Hall in April 2016 as part of performance titled, “A Night by The Ocean”. It included “Human Frailty”, a response to the migrant crisis and how the political and media classes reacted to the events as they unfolded.

Ryan v The White Star Line, a companion piece based on the true story of Thomas Ryan, performed by soprano Clare Kavanagh and Martin McCann.

Thomas Ryan was a farmer from Askeaton in Limerick. He took part in a class action suit against the White Star Line, during the third enquiry into the sinking of the Titanic. He won compensation for the death of his son Patrick, who drowned on the ship.

The White Star Line, owners of the Titanic refused to admit liability for those in steerage. A landmark case, it became case law that changed the terms and conditions for those travelling in steerage.

Crimson Gown

In August 2017 he released a single Crimson Gown, featuring Fiach Moriarty and Miriam Ingram on vocals. The single was co-written with Fiach Moriarty ” included Insieme” a cinematic piano instrumental piece.

Crimson Gown a story based on two Irish actresses Peg Woffington and George Anne Bellamy in the 1700’s. They performed Sheridan and Shakespeare in Smock Alley in Dublin and Drury Lane in London.

Woffington had with relationship David Garrick, a renowned actor of his time and her protege was George Anne Bellamy. The story goes they came to blows over the Garrick and they had a professional rivalry.

Band Projects

As a member of the band Sack from Dublin, he released three albums. ‘You Are What You Eat’ ‘Butterfly Effect’ and ‘Adventura Majestica’. Sacks’ first single, “What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us” received single of the week in both the NME and Melody Maker.

The band supported Morrissey on tours of Europe, the UK and the United States. Their song “Laughter Lines”, was a single featured on the film soundtrack, “Carrie 2 The Rage”.

To quote from the singer Morrissey, “it is a song that should be number one forever”.


He recorded with Dave Couse on two of his solo albums, the first was ‘Genes’ in 2003. The stand out songs were, “This man is for Sale” and “Will it ever stop Raining”. Both featured on music series Other Voices on RTE and their performance was a series highlight.

In 2006 with Dave Couse and the Impossible, he recorded the album ‘The World Should Know’ released on 1969 Records. Nominated for Best Irish Album and Best Solo Artist for Couse, at the 2006 Meteor Music Awards, it received extensive airplay and critical acclaim.

Simon produced “The Revolution” for singer songwriter Fiach Moriarty. He composed music for a film by Alan Phelan called Speaking of Drives 2011- 2012. This was part of a project called Fragile Absolutes Part 3.

He documented the making of “Ryan v The White Star Line”. This resulted in a short film titled 41° 46′ North. The documentary film explores the story and the thinking behind the piece. Directed by an award winning Irish film maker Kilian Waters and first shown at the National Concert Hall Dublin in 2016.


At Present

Your Self Made Super Human

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“Your self made super human” is an evening based around AI (Artificial Intelligence) featuring a work in progress techno drama / modern opera. It also features two live performance artists. This is set for October 2019 in The Wexford Arts Centre

The Simon Quigley Ensemble, will be performing more dates this year with new material. We have performed at the NCH 2016 and also the Skerries Soundwaves 2017 Festival in September.

He works on solo projects with accomplished string players like, Siubhan Ni GhriofaMaria Mason and Michelle Mason, as well as Eimear O’GradyLioba Petrie and singers Clare Kavanagh and Martin McCann.

He pursues different artistic avenues working with Irish Poet Colm Keegan a spoken word performer. Besides his solo work, he arranged and produced singer songwriter Fiach Moriarty second album called ” The Revolution”, recorded at Bay Studio Wicklow with Peter Meighan as engineer. As Pianist and Arranger with ballad singer Brian Brody, on his EP “Charting Maps for New Horizons”. He is also working on a follow up solo album to be released this year. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Davy Jones Locker

This is a still from Davy Jones Locker a short film by writer Dan Finn, which I added a score to. We intend to show this at further Bowie festivals and various film festivals.