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RTE Radio 1 Arena with Sean Rocks

RTE Radio one Arena “A Night By The Ocean” by Simon Quigley Musician/composer Simon Quigley explains his debut solo project at the National Concert Hall next week, a concert called “A Night by the Ocean” where the ocean is the theme that links all the songs. The music comes from[…]

Keep it in the Ground

The Guardian’s campaign Keep it in the Ground This is just a quick synopsis of  what “keep it in the Ground” is about and why it is important to understand how this can help.  There is also an update on where the climate conference in Paris is right now and[…]


The new album which I produced and arranged with a talented Irish singer songwriter, called Fiach  Moriarty is called “Revolution”  was released in early 2015. It was recorded at Bay Studio in Wicklow with engineer Peter Meighan and is a collection of songs on the idea of revolution and how or what that[…]

Debt Forgiveness

This is a interview Thomas Piketty did with De Zeit about Debt Forgiveness and how short sighted German policy in particular to Debt and how persistence with Austerity continues to bring nothing but pain and suffering for working people all over Europe. Since his successful book, Capital in the Twenty-First[…]

Human Frailty Song Synopsis

Our Human Frailty tackles the first migrant crises of the 21st century. This will of course continue because of several factors that have coalesced at this time, those been climate change, middle eastern economic and religious wars and the continuing financial crises and the imbalance in wealth and opportunity around[…]

Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness, is it a concept, reality, or a philosophical leap of faith? Bhutan a tiny country located at the eastern end of the Himalayas, first adopted this idea in 1972, of using Gross National Happiness as a measure of its people’s welfare, rather than a narrow measure like[…]

Ryan v The White Star Line Song Synopsis

Ryan v White Star Line is a modern classical piece of music that portrays the story of Thomas Ryan (a 75 year old farmer from Askeaton, Co. Limerick) pursuit of justice for his son Patrick who drowned on the Titanic. It is a piece of Irish social history. It follows[…]

Charles Herbert Lightoller

Charles Herbert Lightoller had an extraordinary life and his story is part of my composition“Ryan v The White Star Line” . Although Thomas Ryan is the central character in the composition, I also reference Charles Herbert Lightoller. His life mirrored many of the world’s most notable historical events from the late[…]

Story of Thomas Ryan

Story of Thomas Ryan The story of Thomas Ryan came by to me by chance. He was a farmer from Toomdeely in Askeaton Co Limerick in Ireland. He successfully sued the White Star Line, the owners of the Titanic, for the death of his son Patrick. This piece is my[…]