Ones Without Zeros

Ones Without Zeros

Dios and Soraya

An introduction to Ones Without Zeros Techno Drama / Modern Opera

Ones Without Zeros is the story of Dios (Meaning God) an AI programmer originally from Wexford and his wife Soraya Flores a (history teacher) from Spain. Meeting in 2040 in Figueres in Spain’s Catalan region and Soraya’s hometown, they have fall in love and marry.

Spending there initial married years in Spain, they lived a happy and idyllic life, soaking up the splendour of Costa Brava. As Soraya’s father was involved in the 2017 independence Catalan government, life was never simple and so they decided to move back to Ireland. Dios had also at this time has become a lot more involved in the Transhuman movement.

This would now lead to his job becoming his obsession and set in train a series of events that would change their lives forever.

The Project Inspirations

We’re used to thinking about the self as an independent entity, something that we either have or are. In The Ego Tunnel, philosopher Thomas Metzinger claims otherwise: No such thing as a self exists. The conscious self is the content of a model created by our brain, an internal image but one we cannot experience as an image. Everything we experience is “a virtual self in a virtual reality.”

But if the self is not “real,” why and how did it evolve and how does the brain construct it? Do we still have souls, free will, personal autonomy, or moral accountability? In a time when the science of cognition is becoming as controversial as evolution, The Ego Tunnel provides a stunningly original take on the mystery of the mind.

Homo Deus explains how we came to be the planet’s dominant species and uncovers predictions for the future of humanity. It examines our present humanist state, the notion of individual choice and how we persist in worshipping the individual. It also reveals how science and technology could eventually make humans subservient to computer algorithms.

Dataism and the echo chambers of social media, want to drown out discussion. The unintended consequences of this are deeply divided societies and the truth and scientific fact been regulated to the sidelines.

There are many choices involved here and Ones Without Zeros looks at instead of fearing the future, we must take ownership of it. It is only then we can shape things in a manner that will create a society that technology will be of benefit for all.