NOVEMBER 20, 2015 by simon

The new album which I produced and arranged with a talented Irish singer songwriter, called Fiach  Moriarty is called “Revolution”  was released in early 2015. It was recorded at Bay Studio in Wicklow with engineer Peter Meighan and is a collection of songs on the idea of revolution and how or what that means to different people.

The entire album is asking several questions: Is a revolution of the people ever successful? If so how will we know given the agenda driven nature of the media? How can a civilian affect change without appealing to an authority? What is the line between genuine protest and over-sensitive troublemaking? These questions and more are asked in Fiach Moriarty’s album. Having said that, at times Moriarty’s earnest call for revolution is slightly reminiscent of the naivety of The Young Ones: sincerely felt, but ultimately, a tad innocent. However, with thought provoking lyrics and catchy, singalong tunes, you may well be glad you bought this album in years to come. It has all the hallmarks of a classic.