Crimson Gown

JUNE 15, 2020 by simon


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Crimson Gown features Fiach Moriarty and Miriam Ingram. The song was co-written with Fiach providing lyrics and melody. Miriam added beautiful harmonies to complete the piece. Pete Meighan features on guitar with a beautiful string section filling the song out.

The piece is about two Irish actresses Peg Woffington and George Anne Bellamy who were both stage actors in the 1700’s and performed Shakespeare in Smock Alley theatre in Dublin and later in Dury lane in London. The piece is based around the affairs both actresses had with David Garrick who performed in both venues and was a renowned actor of his time. Seemingly the story goes they came to blows over the Garrick, but there was certainly a rivalry between them.

Insieme is a very cinematic solo piano piece and part of Crimson Gown EP. It means together in Italian and is a very personal piece.

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