Solo Works

Simon Quigley, Martin McCann, Maria Hughes

Solo Works

Ones without Zeros

Ones Without Zeros is a techno drama / modern opera set in 2050.

Dios is an AI programmer a Wexford native and his wife Soraya, a history teacher have settled in Wexford. Dios (meaning God in Spanish), is obsessed with bio hacking and upgrading himself. His wish is to go on reality show Robosapiens X and Y, the worldwide game show were the winner receives immortality.

He has built his own AI to further this exact goal. He is sure this is the only way to keep his wife, even though she loves him and his faults. The result is a battle between humanity and cyber perfection. The dissection of the self and the future in which homosapiens will be made irrelevant or even extinct, as we know it.

A work in progress will be performed in Wexford Arts Centre on the 18th of October, as part of an experimental evening titled “Your Self Made Superhuman” curated by Katherine Atkinson alongside live art performers Francis Fay and Deirdre Buggy.


Insieme is a very cinematic solo piano piece and part of Crimson Gown EP. It means together in Italian and is a very personal piece.

Crimson Gown

Crimson Gown features Fiach Moriarty and Miriam Ingram. The song was co-written with Fiach providing lyrics and melody. Miriam added beautiful harmonies to complete the piece. Pete Meighan features on guitar with a beautiful string section filling the song out.

The piece is about two Irish actresses Peg Woffington and George Anne Bellamy who were both stage actors in the 1700’s and performed Shakespeare in Smock Alley theatre in Dublin and later in Dury lane in London. The piece is based around the affairs both actresses had with David Garrick who performed in both venues and was a renowned actor of his time. Seemingly the story goes they came to blows over the Garrick, but there was certainly a rivalry between them.

Ryan v The White Star Line

Ryan v The White Star Line is taken from the EP The Human Tide. The piece is a Pop Opera Hybrid about the story of Thomas Ryan. He sued the White Star Line for the death of his son Patrick, who drowned aboard the RMS Titanic.

He was part of a class action suit against The White Star Line in 1913. The third enquiry found them guilty of negligence for the death of his son Patrick. He won a famous case that still stands as part of case law today. The song features Martin McCann  tenor and Clare Kavanagh  soprano on vocals. The samples below is a radio edit of the piece.

Human Frailty

Human Frailty is taken from the EP The Human Tide. The composition is about the humanitarian crisis in Europe. The piece explores how media and political view the disaster. How we got to dehumanise our fellow human beings in their time of crisis.

The track features Martin McCann  on vocals. Both how interference and indifference from the west have been hugely responsible.  The sample below is a radio edit of the pieces.

Androids Lovesong

Androids Lovesong is an instrumental piece that was part of a collaboration.The Unruly Trinity consist of Poet Colm Keegan and Singer Songwriter Mark Cullen. It  is a 3 Track EP about Ireland during the financial crisis of 2008. It tries to give a sense of disorientation of debt, lurching from disaster to disaster.

Poet Colm Keegan brings a Urban steel with his poem, Ireland Is. Powerful and evocative its stark truth of reality of working class Dublin. Mark Cullen’s suburban tale Invincible, looks at the kitchen sink dramas of suburban life.

A Day by the Ocean

A day by the ocean is an instrumental piece that was dedicated to my father Peter. It was initially to mark 20 years since his passing and has a morse code motif that spells our his name Peter Quigley 20. It was part of a themed night performed at the National Concert Hall in 2016 entitled ” A Night by The Ocean”.