Soundwaves Festival

Soundwaves Festival Simon Quigley Ensemble We are proud to announce the Simon Quigley Ensemble at the Soundwaves Festival in Skerries on Friday the 22nd of September. I will be performing an exciting evening of some new solo work. These tracks are now available on my Bandcamp site. This will be[…]

Simon Quigley Ensemble

Simon Quigley Ensemble Simon Quigley Ensemble are proud to announce an exciting evening of new music at Arthurs Pub on Thomas Street in Dublin. This includes songs, instrumentals and electronica. Simon Quigley on piano with singers Martin McCann, Clare Kavanagh, Fiach Moriarty, Peter Meighan on guitar, Katherine Atkinson on keyboard,[…]

Video Human Frailty

Here’s the video for Human Frailty over on YouTube. It features Martin McCann on vocals and is part of my solo work. The track is also now available from my Bandcamp site.

A Night by the Ocean @ NCH

A Night By The Ocean is the launch of new music by composer and pianist Simon Quigley who was a member of the successful Dublin indie group Sack that first performed in the mid 1990’s. In his new solo career and with collaborative special guests from some of Ireland’s most creative musicians; singer-songwriter Martin[…]

Human Frailty Song Synopsis

Our Human Frailty tackles the first migrant crises of the 21st century. This will of course continue because of several factors that have coalesced at this time, those been climate change, middle eastern economic and religious wars and the continuing financial crises and the imbalance in wealth and opportunity around[…]